2000 Content Ideas in 10 Minutes

Coming up with ideas for content is one of the biggest hurdles for business owners. You need content to improve your site’s SEO, build an audience, and grow your social media presence — but you have no idea what to talk about!

That’s why I’ve made The Content Download. This tool helps you take your main topic and turn it into 2,000 potential headlines for content.

Are you interested in learning how to create 2,000 content ideas in 10 minutes? Keep reading to find out how Power Creative Media has made this possible.

Make Your Content Buckets

In The Content Download, the first thing you will do is write down your main topic (let’s say “YouTube”) and then two buckets of content under that (“Video Editing” and “Content Creation”).

Now you create five sub-buckets under each bucket. With “Video Editing” you might put “Phone Editing” or “Tutorial Topics” or “YouTube Creators.” When you are done you will have ten sub-buckets.

Get out a timer and spend one minute writing down topics, words, and ideas that go into each of the sub-buckets. When you are done, you will have 100+ topic ideas!

Free Flow and Brainstorming

For this first stage of filling your content buckets, it is important to let yourself think freely. Don’t censor yourself or let doubts get in the way. Just set a timer and write down all of the ideas you can for each content bucket.

One of the biggest things that holds people back with content idea generation is that they give themselves too much structure and they judge themselves too harshly.

As you are brainstorming, remember this — there are no wrong answers here!

Using Frameworks

Once you have filled in your content buckets, the second sheet of The Content Download will automatically fill in 20 different frameworks to fit your topic ideas.

The Frameworks are everything from “Three Lessons I Learned from _____” to “How I Use _____ in my Business.”

With the help of these Frameworks, you immediately go from 100 ideas to 2,000 ideas in ten minutes!

Want Access to The Content Download for Free?

Are you ready to use this amazing tool to create killer content as quickly as possible? Follow this link to get access to this free resource.

Make a copy for yourself and let us know what you think! You can check out a full video tutorial on how to use The Content Download if you need extra help or you can email support@powercreativemedia.com.

I made a tool that generates 2000 social content ideas in just 10 minutes. Get it here!




Power Creative Media: Daily Social Content for Digital Entrepreneurs powercreativemedia.com

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Power Creative Media: Daily Social Content for Digital Entrepreneurs powercreativemedia.com

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