5 Reasons You Should Apply to Podcast Interviews + How to Do It

Dream of being on the TEDX stage? Or just want to practice your speaking skills?

There are quite a few reasons why you might want to consider getting on a podcast as an interviewee.

Here are just 5 of those reasons:

1. Podcasts are easier to book than you might think

Just like… other things, if there’s a niche you can think of, there’s probably a podcast for it. Not just one, but dozens, if not hundreds in said niche or industry.

This means if you’re just starting, there’s probably a podcaster who’s also just starting. They’re looking for someone just like you.

Give them a well-thought-out pitch that shows you would be someone their audience would enjoy listening to, and you’ll be well on your way.

2. Pitching podcasts = practicing your elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch, as you may know, is a concise way of answering the fundamental questions: Who? What? Why? (And when, once you’re booked!)

  • Who you work with.
  • What you offer.
  • Why they need it.

If you can answer these questions in a succinct few sentences, you’re more likely to hold someone’s attention through the entirety of your pitch. Plus, it will be excessively clear if you are right for each other. No wasting your time or theirs.

When pitching to a podcast include all this info + why their audience will love to hear from you. You’ll be booked in no time.

3. Build some prestige (worldwide)

While also a Step Brothers reference, it’s true! Podcasts often have a global audience.

If your dream is to talk on the TEDx stage, or any stage, someday, you’re going to have to show that you are capable of speaking confidently in front of an audience. You are going to have to show you can captivate an audience, and possibly that you have spoken on your area of expertise before.

Send them a few of your podcast interviews and blow their socks right off!

4. Passively grow your audience

Sure, you’ll get a nice heaping spoonful of potential customers/clients when the podcast is first released, but THAT’S NOT ALL. You’ll get listeners coming in for months even years to come. (I recently listened to a podcast episode that was 2 years old, it was still relevant and I became a follower.)

Keep these followers by consistently posting quality content and grow your email list by following a few simple steps:

  • Create a lead magnet/ freebie/low-cost product that is helpful to your niche
  • Mention your website/ Facebook group where they can download it
  • Ask for their e-mail to send them their awesome content!

Ba-da-bing ba-da-boom baby!

5. Build your network

As important as an audience is, a network is just as important. Build a rapport with the podcaster and they’ll likely refer you when someone needs something in your niche. Being on other people’s radars for referral purposes is so incredibly important, I can’t stress it enough. So play nice kids!

How to Find Podcasts That Are Accepting Guests

Ok, you know why you should be getting on podcasts, but how do you do it?

Step #1: Make a list of podcasts aligned with your niche

Quickly google “your niche” + “podcast” and you’ll find an array of podcasts that feel right for you. Find the ones you think would best suit you and create your pretty little list.

You’ll find not all podcasts are accepting guests, and you may not find this out until you contact them.

Luckily for you, a list of podcasts that ARE accepting guests already exists. With 200+ podcasts on the list, you’re bound to find a few you vibe with. Get it here: https://beckpower.me/podcasts/

Step #2: Pitch away

Now that you have your list, pitch the ones that align with where you are right now (remember, if you’re just starting, aim for podcasts with around 100 followers, you’ll grow with time, I believe in you). Now get a pitchin’.

Your email should read much like a first message on a dating site.

Include these 3 components in your podcast pitch and you’ll sound like a pro.

  1. Show your interest in them

Make it clear you’ve done your homework. Show that you’ve actually listened to their podcast, and you know you would be a great fit. Create some trust, you want them to read the whole email, right?

You can mention:

  • A specific episode you liked and how it helped you
  • That you’ve shared the podcast with others because XYZ
  • An idea that was sparked from a specific episode

2. Tell them what they get out of it (A bit about yourself)

We want them to want you as badly as you want them.

Tell them why they should.

What will their audience get out of hearing you speak? Will you bring along your own audience/ email list that you will be promoting this episode to? Show them.

3. Ask for what you want (what are your intentions)

Clearly ask for what you would like. Make it an easy yes or no question, don’t waste anyone’s time.

If you follow this formula, I guarantee you’ll have a date — I mean podcast interview — in no time.

While the 200+ podcast list is a great head start, if the pitching seems too difficult, or like too much effort there is a done-for-you option with Power Creative. E-mail beck@powercreative.me to learn more.

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