5 Ways to Repurpose Your Webinars

Everyone is creating webinars. They are great for helping educate your audience and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.

But after you’ve spent all that time on your webinar — what do you do with it?

Here are five ways to repurpose your webinars so that they can work for you for as long as possible.

1. Record a Second Video

When you record your webinar, odds are you are in a little bubble in the corner of the screen with slides taking up most of the presentation.

This can pose a problem when you are repurposing, because it is hard to cut it into small pieces this way.

When you are recording a webinar, put your phone or a second camera up so that you can have a second recording that is just you with a nice, plain background.

This second video (without slides) can be broken down into pieces of microcontent for your social media platforms.

2. Create Audiograms

If you have old webinars that you didn’t make a second recording of — don’t worry! You can turn these into audiograms. Audiograms are short pieces of audio combined with an eye catching graphic.

Audiograms can be short (under a minute) and they do very well with audiences on LinkedIn!

These audiograms give your audience the highlights of your webinar, helping you to reach the people who might not be interested in watching the entire thing!

3. Use the Slides

You put a lot of work into those slides, so if you didn’t record a second video to use, you can pick the most eye catching slides to create short videos to post.

I would definitely recommend using videos that are only your face, but if you don’t have those, you do have options.

4. Breaking Apart the Transcript

After you have made a video, get a transcription made. This is so fast to look through and you can pull out important quotes and information from them to use for posting.

The transcript can give you key quotes to turn into quotecards, and it can also help inspire you to ask really engaging questions of your audience.

5. Putting the Slides on Slideshare

Just to make sure you get every bit of usefulness out of your webinar, go ahead and share your slides on Slideshare.

This site has been gaining quite a bit of traffic lately, and it could help you to reach people outside of your social media circle.

Do You Have Webinars That Need To Be Repurposed?

If you are interested in having your webinars, videos, podcast episodes and more repurposed for use on your social media, Power Creative Media is a great place to be! This is all we do! All day, every day, we take longer-form content from our clients and turn them into a month’s worth of microcontent for their social media.

If you want to learn more about how to show up as your best self on social media through content repurposing, sign up for a call with me on powercreativemedia.com.

I made a tool that generates 2000 social content ideas in just 10 minutes. Get it here!




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Beck Power

Power Creative Media: Daily Social Content for Digital Entrepreneurs powercreativemedia.com

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