5 Ways to Use Your Book as Content

Beck Power
3 min readAug 19, 2021


You did it — you finished your book. Took you long enough!

The big question on your mind now is probably, “Now what?!?”

Keep reading to learn five ways to use your book as social media content long after publication.

1. Take Pictures of Your Book in Different Places

Did you go to the same coffee shop every morning to work on your book? Did you and your best friend sit on her front porch with red pens tearing the first draft to bits? Did you go for walks around your city or take a trip to find some inspiration?

Take pictures of your book in these places! Use the captions to tell your audience about why those places are important. It is a great way to give your followers and readers a more personal look into how your book came to be.

2. Pull Out Excerpts to Use as Captions

Are there some paragraphs of your book that stand out above the rest? Pull these out of the book and use them as easy captions for your social media posts!

This has two great benefits.

First, it saves you time. You already wrote a whole book! Why waste time writing new captions when you have plenty of great material already.

Second, it entices your followers to buy your book. They might be one powerful excerpt away from making that purchase.

3. Create a Podcast Episode on Each Chapter

Creating a limited series of a podcast can be a great way to promote your book. You can find someone to be a guest, read sections of each chapter, and discuss what you wrote.

It’s pretty simple!

Then, you can promote the podcast (and your book) with short audio clips from the episodes on your social media accounts.

4. Grab Quotes from Your Book

Grab a highlighter and get to work. One run through of your book and bring a LOT of content. You can turn awesome quotes into captions or quote cards to post on social media.

Every author has things they want to change about their work, things they think they did wrong.

But every author also has lines that are so good they can’t believe they wrote them. Don’t let those just sit in the pages of your book! Give them a spotlight and let them shine!

5. Read Your Book a Chapter At a Time

Read a chapter (or a piece of a chapter) at a time on a YouTube channel. This can get people hooked on the beginning of the book!

Sooner or later, they will probably find themselves going to the store or your website to pick up a copy for themselves!

Ready to Repurpose Your Book?

You did it, you wrote a book! You did something that a lot of people only dream of doing.

Now you have the opportunity to let that book save you a lot of time and effort. My team and I at Power Creative Media can turn your book into hundreds of pieces of micro-content for your social media accounts.

Ready to show up as your best self online? Head over to powercreativemedia.com to book a call with me.

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