5 Ways to Use your YouTube Videos to Create More Content

You know where this is going already — we all need to be repurposing our content!

Here are five ways to use your YouTube Videos to create more content.

1. Transcribe Videos to Create Blog Posts

Turn your videos into blog posts! Once you have a transcription, you can edit and proofread it, add an introduction and conclusion, add headers and organize your thoughts a bit, and you’ve got a blog post!

It is a lot easier than starting from scratch, and it is a great way to repurpose your videos.

In fact, I do it! I make a video every day, and I have a team member at Power Creative Media who turns that video into a blog post!

2. Pull Out Those “Daaammmmnn” Moments

All the things you said that stuck out, those golden nuggets? You should pull them out and use them!

You can create quote cards on Canva with your brand colors and a nice picture of you, or you can just put the words and your name on a blank background and call it a day.

Either way, this is an awesome way to share your thoughts with your followers and to catch people’s attention as they scroll by.

3. Separate the Audio and Make a Podcast

Everyone loves a good podcast. Take your video file and export the audio (MP3), and upload it into Anchor or Simple Cast and turn it into a podcast episode!

If you want to create a cool intro for each episode you can, but it isn’t required. Don’t let perfectionism stop you.

Your videos, your blogs, and your podcast episodes are not going to be perfect, so take imperfect action and get started. You can always figure things out as you go!

4. Post Your Videos on Other Platforms

Your YouTube videos can be posted all over! For Facebook you can post it to your page, or use it as content for your Facebook group if your business has one.

You can also post to LinkedIn! Just be aware of the difference in audience on different platforms. Something that works on Facebook and YouTube might not work in a super professional environment like LinkedIn.

5. Chop Up Your Videos

This one might take the most time. You can chop your YouTube videos into smaller bits. As long as they are under one minute long, they can be posted to Instagram and TikTok.

This can be a good option to reach more people, especially if your YouTube videos are really long.

Do You Want to Repurpose Your Videos?

Honestly, you might not have the time for all of this repurposing. Guess what? My team does.

All we do at Power Creative Media is repurpose videos and audio files that clients give us into hundreds and thousands of pieces of micro content. We can repurpose your YouTube videos and even post the new content for you across your social media accounts.

Interested in learning more? Head over to powercreativemedia.com to book a call with me!

I made a tool that generates 2000 social content ideas in just 10 minutes. Get it here!



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