7 Day Startup by Dan Norris — Read this Book to Start a Business

Today I’m going to tell you about a book that made a massive difference to my business. It’s called ‘‘the Seven Day Startup’’. It’s by Dan Norris.

So some of you might remember that I started NomadFly, my other small business, in seven days but you might not know these circumstances around at the time I was very very indecisive and I had tried to do maybe between 10 and 15 businesses and none of them had gotten anywhere.

In fact, another movement got past me building a crappy website. I was just terrible and indecisive in general and one thing that really helped break me out of my indecision was Dan Norris’s book “seven day startup”.

I thought if I could start something in seven days I wouldn’t be wasting any time I wouldn’t be wasting any money and I could just figure out if the thing was gonna work or not.

I had this weird belief that if I was going to start a business it had to be the right business and if it was the right business it was gonna work easily and perfectly and there would be sunshine and rainbows and unicorns everywhere as you guys probably know. That’s not true!!!! Dan’s book snapped me out of my rut so I’m not gonna go too much into what it actually talks about throughout the whole seven days but on set on day one, he says just to write down ten of your ideas and then pick one I know it’s not revolutionary but it absolutely did the trip for me and so what I was able to do was pick an idea and just think… You know what? I’m gonna go for this idea I’m gonna do it 100%, if it doesn’t work I’ll try something else. No time wasted no money wasted.

So I did it! I had my ten ideas written down and had some stupid stuff that I wasn’t very good at. I had some terrible ideas but one idea that I thought I might be good at was flights.

I was a travel agent.

I was a very good travel agent back in New Zealand and I thought I’ve got some knowledge that I think people will benefit from. So, I wrote a post on Facebook and at that point I had failed so many times that I had no self-esteem left, I was ready for this thing to fail but I kept on persevering and I thought… look! it’s not that much work, it’s not very difficult, all I have to do is do a Facebook post in a few different groups and see what people think about my idea.

Well! after a few posts I realized that I was getting really good feedback. I asked people- particularly nomads- who were my audience I asked them if they were interested in finding cheaper flights because I had some.

I had some hacks and of course as your problem as you probably can guess that was a really popular topic everyone wants to save money on flights so I had it like over a hundred likes and comments on one of my posts.

I was like ecstatic about that, I thought yes this is the thing! And I chose to continue with that business, finish out the seven days launch, I actually launched on day five and on my first three hours I sold to Nomadfly I think. They were email courses at the time and I made eighteen dollars.

Now, no one’s ever been that excited to receive 18 dollars as I was that day and so I cried with joy because I was extremely broke and I was able to grow the business.

After that a little bit every day by working hard and doing all the things that I knew I needed to do, because I had something that worked and I was able to get these really small wins.

Dan’s book doesn’t tell you too much after that seven days but that was okay because those small wins gave me what I needed to make my business bigger.

Now Nomad fly makes between 500 and $1,000 every month completely passive income. It’s not that amazing compared to a lot of things but for a little side business that I started when I was broken crying on the floor it’s great.

So if you’re stuck in a rut you’ve got too many ideas you’re not sure of what to do next you’re worried about which ideas the right one to pick, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of Dan’s book it is called ‘’seven-day startup’’. It’s by Dan Norris and you can get it at…. You guys know where to find books!!



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