Four Magic Questions to Ask Your Clients Before a Sales Call

Do you ask your potential clients questions before you meet them on a sales call? If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity to make the most of your calls.

By asking questions you can get a better idea of where these potential clients are in their journey. If you know what they are struggling with and what they have done so far, then you can help them make the right decisions for the future of their businesses!

1. What is your biggest problem right now with _____?

It also makes the potential client reflect on their biggest problems so that they are ready to talk about those more openly when it is time for your call with them.

2. How have you tried to solve this problem in the past?

You want to know how long they have been aware of the problem, what they have tried in the past to fix it, and how they feel about this whole journey they have been on so far.

3. Why didn’t those attempts to fix this problem work?

For example, let’s say someone has tried to hire people in the past but none of them worked because of Problem A, Problem B, and Problem C. Then you can let them know during the call that you have systems and social proof that show that your clients don’t deal with Problems A, B, and C when working with you.

You want to show potential clients, especially those who have made bad hires before, that you are the person that is going to put their business back on track and deliver on the services you are promising.

4. Are You Ready to Invest in the Right Solution for You?

This doesn’t mean that you can’t contact them in the future to catch up — things may have changed for them!

However, you want to go in to your sales calls knowing whether a person is ready to pay you for your services.

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