Gratitude and the Growth Mindset in Business

It’s that time of year again! We buy new planners, brainstorm New Year’s resolutions, and dream about what next year will look like. How will we grow? What big steps will we take?

Cut to May of next year — you aren’t running a 5k every day and you haven’t gained 20,000 Instagram followers.

The truth is that most of us suck at keeping the resolutions we make around the new year. However, there are some mindset changes that you can make that can help you grow even when your year doesn’t go according to plan.

A growth mindset in business is one of the most important tools you can have for success — but it can be a lot harder than most of us would like to admit.

What is a Growth Mindset in Business?

A growth mindset is the belief that you are capable of growth and evolution, and that the actions you take can bring you closer to your goals.

This is easy when you’ve had a great year. Seeing your successes as bringing you closer to your goals is a no-brainer!

Your failures? It’s not so easy to see those as a part of your growth. Failure stings, and sometimes it’s hard to see past the discomfort to find anything good in your bad experiences.

When your mom asks how work is going, your first instinct isn’t to tell her about the client you lost. Or the string of bad reviews you got for your new shop. Or how many weeks you’ve worked without a day off.

Nobody wants to share those parts of their business. It is a lot easier to hide them and focus only on the good.

But if you are working on a growth mindset, you have to integrate both the good and the bad as a part of the path you are taking to reach your goals.

Embracing Failure

While some people hide their failures and try to ignore them, other people can’t see past the things that have gone wrong.

These feelings can be crazy strong as you get to the end of the year. Acknowledging what has gone wrong doesn’t have to mean that you let yourself spiral.

You are going to get really low sometimes. I’ve been alone in foreign countries with $20 to my name. The key is to let the failure propel you forward, instead of holding you down.

Failing with a growth mindset is about recognizing what different experiences have taught you. If you learn to fail well, then every experience you have can be an opportunity for growth.

Celebrating the Little Wins

A great way to integrate gratitude and a growth mindset in business is to celebrate your little wins!

Watch a short video or read a blog post that teaches you something new. Reach out to clients for testimonials and see what comes to your inbox. Take the step to sign up for a business class or outsource a task in your business that has been taking up too much of your time.

What is going to make next year GREAT isn’t the big decisions you make. It is the small decisions that you make every day that are going to make a difference.

Don’t let those little wins pass by without acknowledging them and being super proud of yourself for what you accomplished!

Investing in Your Business

If you are really looking to make a change in your life and your business next year, investing in your business is the way to go.

If your business is new, and you don’t have a lot of money to burn, invest some of your time in taking a free or cheap class online in something like marketing or sales.

If you can, hire an expert to take care of a part of your business that you feel you need help with. This could be a graphic designer for your website, an agency for your social media platforms, or a writer for your blog or email campaigns.

Instead of dwelling on how much you are struggling with some aspect of your business, take the time to find someone you love to work with who can help you to reach your goals!

Are You Ready to Grow?

A growth mindset in business is a necessary and scary thing. Learning to embrace the things you aren’t good at, learning to be grateful for your failures, is hard to do day-in and day-out.

If you are looking to free up some time so that you can focus on the growth of your business next year, head to to book a call with me. The Power Creative Media team is full of experts who can help you to show up as your best self online in 2022!



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