How Often Should I Post On Social Media?

Beck Power
2 min readAug 25, 2021


I get this question almost every time I am on the phone with somebody.

There isn’t one correct answer to this question!

Some people post once or twice a month and get great engagement — I wouldn’t tell them to post every day because they already have a schedule that works for them and their business.

But you won’t know what is working for you unless you try.

Posting Every Day

I post every day, and Power Creative Media helps our clients to show up every day.

You don’t have to do this long term, because that might not work for your business. But for a lot of people, showing up every day is just what you need to do for success (yeah, I know, it sounds exhausting).

Posting every day helps to establish you as a leader in your niche and as an expert. Posting every day builds your cornerstone content and drives traffic to your landing pages and offers.

Posting every day builds trust. Your followers see your face, hear your voice, and engage with you every day, and that can give you the results you need.

Start Short Term

If you haven’t tried posting every day, give yourself a challenge to try it for a week or for a month. Keep an eye on your insights and analytics to see what changes when you show up daily.

If showing up daily doesn’t seem to be working for your business, then find a different schedule! But you won’t know what works until you choose a schedule and stick to it long enough to make an informed decision.

How Can You Make That Much Content?

Posting every day doesn’t mean creating brand new content and messaging every single day.

The best way to show up as your best self online, consistently, is to repurpose your content. Turn your podcast episodes, videos, and ebooks into social media posts, audiograms, video clips, quote cards, blog posts, and emails.

At Power Creative Media, we repurpose your content to create micro-content for your social media platforms for every day of the month. We can even post it for you!

Do you want to show up every day as your best self online? Head to to book a call with me. I’d love to chat about how we can help!

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