How to Ethically Brainwash Your Clients Part 1

Ok, I’ll be straight with you — this blog is about customer research.

But you have to admit that it sounds so much cooler when I say “ethically brainwash”, right? The truth is that customer research is a lot like ethical brainwash. You learn what it is your audience wants to know, then you provide that content, and they will feel drawn towards the content you put out.

In marketing, customer research is probably most common for copywriters who are working on sales pages. However, today we will be talking about how you can start doing customer research that can influence your social media content.

Your social media content is probably the part of your marketing strategy that you are most active with on a daily basis. You are producing so much content, so why not make sure that it is backed by research?

Step One: Ask Your Audience Questions

Sometimes this step is about asking specific questions, and other times it is about giving your audience the space to ask their own questions or leave comments.

For example, when I polled my audience, several people said that they wanted to learn more about how to be more consistent on social media. A lot of people used the word “consistent.” So I started putting “consistent” in a lot of my graphics and captions.

Here are some great ways to get audience answers for your research:

  • Polls in your Instagram stories
  • Google Forms sent out to your email list
  • Facebook posts in your main feed or specifically to groups you are a part of
  • Reaching out individually to some of your most active followers

Step Two: Answer Those Questions in Your Content

This is the part where you read their minds. Well, at least you make it seem like you are reading their minds. Identifying the problems your followers are facing and the questions they have will help you to make really valuable content.

Create a poll for your audience and put it on your feed and in your stories. Once you have a good amount of answers, try to look for common themes. Are there any words that are being used by a lot of people? Are your followers all struggling with similar issues that you could possibly help solve?

If you have twenty people who are all attempting to convey the same problem, than odds are when you create your content you will be able to explain their problems better than they can! This creates a really high amount of trust between you and your audience.

Let’s Create Some Magic!

You have knowledge that you audience is looking for, but if it isn’t packaged and worded right, than they might just skip right over it! Doing customer research can help you to use just the right words and create just the right content to make your followers feel like you are reading their minds.

If you answer the questions they really need answered, they will keep coming back for more, and followers will turn into clients.

If you are looking to learn more about content creation and repurposing, head over to to schedule a call. I’d love to chat with you about what I can do to help take your social media to the next level.

I made a tool that generates 2000 social content ideas in just 10 minutes. Get it here!




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