How to Make One Piece of Video Content Last 30+ Days

We all know that when you’re an entrepreneur, you have to wear a lot of hats.

Finances, staff management, customer service, delivering the actual product… the list goes on.

Arguably the most important hat however, is marketing… and one of the best ways to market your business is using content.

So why is content creation so often the thing that gets pushed back in favor of more “urgent” tasks?

-Other things appear more important (“Well this month I can pay the sales reps or the accountant”)

-Discomfort on video (“I’ll do it when I have a good hair day”)

-Lack of clarity around strategy and topics (“Why are we doing this again?”)

The fact is, The CMI’s content marketing statistics show 72% of B2B marketers and 76% of B2C marketers use video. Aberdeen Group says marketers who use video get 66% more leads per year.

So if video works — why aren’t we making more videos?

Well, it can be a lot of effort, particularly if you don’t have a media department, don’t know how to manage or can’t afford a video editor or just plain feel overwhelmed.

It’s not even the idea of making a video that’s overwhelming — it’s the feeling of knowing that you have to keep doing it… over and over.

If you’re not super passionate about video, there’s good news.

One video can be repurposed into many, many pieces of different content.

One video a month (depending on your social strategy) can be all you need to create content you can post every day.

This frees you up, knowing that your social content is under control, and giving you more bandwidth to move on to something else that’s been on your mind.

Here’s how it’s done!

Film your video (if you’ve already got content you want to repurpose, skip to 2.)

There are hundreds of millions of pieces of advice on Google for “how to film a video for your business.” Anything from “hire a professional media company”, to “film it on your iphone”, and everything in between.

Depending on what level you’re at in your business, you probably don’t need anything super fancy — you just need to get started somewhere you can feel comfortable.

For most people, this is either a DSLR or their phone.

#1. Film the actual video

To repurpose content into 30 pieces it can be helpful to have a video of at least 30–60 minutes.

If you have an assistant, this might be the only thing you need to do — they can take over and do the rest of the things in this post. (If you don’t have an assistant and you didn’t have enough time to make content in the first place, you might struggle finding time to do the rest of this.)

The important thing here is to start with a really key piece of quality content, that talks all about what you do, why you do it, how you do it or the features or benefits, how it helps your client solve the problem.

#2. Send them the file!

  1. Repurpose the video into as many pieces as you need.

Here’s how Power Creative repurposes client content:

#1. Transcribe it.

We use tools like (paid) and (free/cheap)

#2. Dig for gold.

Once you’ve got the transcription, pull out any good quotes or video clips that would make sense out of context and are still valuable. (Video clips should be 60 seconds or less where possible.)

#3. Create graphics

We use to create graphics for quote cards and videos for our clients. Another great one is, or (both available on

#4. Chop up videos and create microcontent

Technologically speaking this is the most annoying bit. We chop out the gold nuggets we pulled from the transcription and split off the audios too. We use Wondershare Filmora for this but you might use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere or really any editing software.

Then we add our logo, subtitles and to make audiograms we add a graphic (you can’t just share audio clips in most places so this turns the audio into a video with your branding.)

Other ways to do this are by using Headliner app or Zubtitle.

Voila. You can create as many or as few pieces of content as you wish, and you can resize them into different pieces.

At Power Creative we repurpose episodes two at a time, and pull out

10 micro videos…

10 audiograms…

10 quote cards…

10 social posts…

In different sizes and styles.

You can even turn each transcription into its own blog post.

Schedule it

Okay! Now you’ve got some content. Maybe you decided to just go with 30 quote cards. That’s totally fine. Or perhaps you’ve pulled a series of 5 minute audio clips and you’re turning them into a micro-podcast. Amazing.

Whatever the plan, the important thing is to get it scheduled, on the calendar, ready to go — not just sitting in a folder somewhere collecting digital dust.

Other ways you can repurpose content include:

Turning blog posts into podcast episodes by summarizing them

Turning audio content into visual explainer videos

Turning videos into podcasts

Getting an RSS feed for your course so students can listen and not just watch

Creating cheat sheets from tutorials

Writing out worksheets from a webinar

There are hundreds of ways to repurpose content, even if it’s not your own — you can write book reviews in your niche for example, or record audio reviews. You can do roundup posts of authorities in your niche or do deep dives on case studies for your topic.

You can do as little as you want, but don’t just watch your podcast disappear after a post — squeeze all the ‘content juice’ out of them you can!

If you want to work with us to do this for you, you can! Just go to or email



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