How to Repurpose Content from an Online Workshop

If you are trying to establish yourself as a , then you have probably hosted, attended, and spoken at live events. Whether that event was online or in-person, odds are, somebody recorded it.

That online workshop recording should not sit there taking up space on your computer. There are so many ways to repurpose content to create an amazing social media presence. If you have content, you should use it!

Here are the best ways to repurpose the footage of old events to fill your social media feeds with loads of new content!

Pull Out the Best Quotes

Not everything you say will be gold (don’t worry, that’s alright!). But if you know your stuff, then odds are that you said something AMAZING during your last Livestream, workshop, or speaking engagement.

Make a transcript of the recording and go through it with a highlighter to pull out all of your best one-liners. You want quotes that will make your followers think and get people’s attention as they scroll. Quotes that will get to the heart of what your online workshop was about.

These quotes can be turned into quote cards using Canva. Or they can be used as captions when you post pictures on social media. At , we pull about 15 quotes from every hour of video or audio content. Depending on the content of the workshop, you could find even more quotes to use!

Find the Places Where You Shine

Not every one of your followers attended your event. But you can probably convince some of them to attend your next one.

By pulling out the video or audio clips (30–60 seconds), you can show your followers what big ideas they missed at your last event. These video clips are a great way to engage with followers who have busier schedules or are more interested in micro-content.

When you are choosing clips to pull from your audio or video file, try to find the places that provide the most value. Your workshops and events have a purpose — to help someone solve a specific problem. What kinds of solutions do you provide? What kind of journey do you help the attendees to start in their own lives?

Find the clips that touch on those solutions, and you will be able to appeal to new followers who want solutions to similar problems!

Ask Online Workshop Attendees for Testimonials

Testimonials from clients are WONDERFUL ( to see how to get more of those!). However, one-on-one clients aren’t the only people who can sing your praises.

If you did an event as a prerecorded or online workshop, someone might have left a comment that blew you away! Don’t be afraid to approach that person to ask if you can use their comment as a testimonial on your website or social media account.

You can also send out surveys to anyone who attended your event to get feedback and testimonials.

Share these testimonials on your social media accounts, and use them on the landing page where people can sign up for your next event.

Your content can be fantastic, but sometimes, what turns someone from a follower into an attendee at your next event isn’t what you have to say. It is about what the people you have helped have to say.

Use the Q&A Section As Inspiration

As a business owner and a thought leader, you want to be providing valuable content for the people who follow you. You want to be answering questions they didn’t even know they had!

This is where live events are incredibly useful. Almost every live event has some Question and Answer time in the end. Pay attention to what the people in the audience asked you. Use those questions to inspire future Instagram stories, blog posts, newsletters, and more!

This is especially useful if you are struggling to come up with consistent content on your blog or social media accounts.

You can keep a list of all of the questions that are asked of you at online workshops and use that list to inspire content anytime you get stuck!

Choose a question to answer in your next blog post. Or go on your Instagram story once a week to answer a tough question someone asked at your last online workshop.

When you take the time to answer people’s questions, you will attract new followers who are struggling with similar issues.

Focus on Planning Your Next Event!

Repurposing content from old online workshops and Facebook Live events is great. However, it tends to take away from time that could be spent planning your next event!

If you love the idea of using repurposed content on your social media, but you don’t love the idea of doing it yourself, there are other options.

At Power Creative Media, my team works every day on one thing — content creation and repurposing. We create thousands of pieces of micro content for clients from all industries.

Micro videos, audiograms, quote cards, engagement questions, social media captions — all of this content can come from just one hour of video or audio every month.

Interested in learning more about content repurposing? Head over to to book a call today!



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