Micro Content Ideas for When You’re Feeling Lazy

Beck Power
4 min readMar 26, 2022


For many cultures, we are headed into the holiday season. Your grandmother is feeding you so much food you think you will explode and every outfit you wear includes a sweater — nothing about this screams “high energy business motivation.”

There are always going to be times when you feel like you don’t want to do anything. So grab a cup of coffee, find a comfy place on the couch, and pick something off of this list to make you feel like you did something for your business today!

Instagram Engagement

So you don’t want to use your brainpower to come up with a new post for the day. Understandable.

But you can take out your phone and respond to the comments people left on your last post! Or you can scroll through your feed and like your followers’ posts. You can even share cool things you find in your story and tag the original creators.

Even spending a few minutes doing this can help you build better relationships with your followers and can help convert your followers into potential customers.

Make Some Easy Graphics

Planning the visual marketing for your latest offer is a task for a more high-energy day. But even laying on your couch half-watching Squid Game, you can come up with some ideas for future posts.

Sites like Canva offer so many options for amazing graphics that can be posted to your Instagram, Facebook, website, and more. Once you have made templates for graphics that you can reuse, you’ll be able to easily make posts like quote cards that have your brand colors and logo.

Conduct Some Market Research

It doesn’t take long to post a few questions on your Instagram story or to create a poll on Facebook. Take some time in the morning to post the questions. In the afternoon (after a slightly less than productive day…), you can go over the responses and see what you can learn from your followers’ input.

Conducting market research is a key part of having a business. It can help you to better hone your niche, create offers and packages that sell, and build a more solid idea of who your ideal client is.

But you can’t do any of those things until you take the time to ask people questions! Long Zoom calls and in-depth surveys have their place in market research. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the more low-effort options that social media gives us.

Show the “Behind-the-Scenes” Stuff

Have a lazy day? Show that to your followers! They don’t have to think that you work 24/7. To be honest, it is probably better that they see you taking a break. It can make you more relatable and likable, and people want to work with people that they like!

So if you go out and take a walk, or you bake some cookies, or you start watching a new show, go ahead and share that on your Instagram story!

Research Your Next Steps and Content Ideas

This one needs to be done with a little bit of caution. It is really easy to spend all of your time Googling things you could do with your business as an excuse to never actually take action. If you spend all of your time planning, but not taking action, you are never going to go anywhere. You are procrastinating and pretending you are being productive.

But spending an afternoon doing some research on your next step can be a good way to spend your time. (For example, if you’ve been thinking about outsourcing your social media, you could join my mailing list at powercreativemedia.com in about a minute!)

You can also make a list of content ideas for future Instagram posts or blogs.

Just make sure that this is a once-in-a-while activity and not an everyday kind of thing. Don’t let your love of planning get in the way of your ability to take messy action with your business.

What Is Your Favorite Lazy-Day Work Task?

If you are having a lazy day, here’s your challenge: pick one task from this list and do it! Most of these will take you 15 minutes to complete and you’ll be able to celebrate a small win whenever you finish.

Do you want to learn more about social media and content repurposing? Head over to powercreativemedia.com to book a call with me today!



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