Never Forget to Post to Social Media Again With This Simple Trick

“Shoot, I forgot to post to Instagram this week,” you’ve thought time and time again. You’re busy working on the other important aspects of your business and the content you already have is collecting dust (metaphorically of course, unless you’ve got old flyers laying around, in which case you need an entirely different blog post on how to go digital). Your Facebook group is suffering because you haven’t been posting consistently and your income is taking a hit, ouch. But, this doesn’t have to be the case!

If you already have an arsenal of microcontent (small pieces of content created from what you already have, that help your brand build awareness and trust), your solution is simple, even if you only have a week worth right now, you can get started.

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All you need to do is create a Content Strategy and schedule your posts.

What is a Content Strategy?

Posting willy-nilly, whenever you feel like it may feel easier but this is certainly not the best approach. That’s where a Content Strategy comes in.

A Content Strategy accomplishes a few things:

  1. Compiles clear, relevant content for your brand
  2. Outlines the coming week/month so everything you wanted to promote get’s a spot
  3. Keeps you on schedule for posting, so you never have one of those “oh shoot” moments at the end of the week.

How To Create a Content Strategy.

There are a few ways to create a Content Strategy. One simple method is to create a spreadsheet. Google Sheets is a great option to share it across your team. You’ll want to include the following at a bare minimum:

  • Date and/or Day of the Week
  • Time of day to post
  • Caption/Comment
  • File to post (image, microvideo, meme, etc.)
  • Which platforms to post to (Facebook page/profile/group, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.)

You may also want to include a ‘first comment’ to answer the question you asked in your post or place a link. Placing a link in your comments instead of the post is one method to get Facebook to consider your post delicious and get you more views. If you have a larger following with lots of engagement, this may not be the best method, as your link will get buried quickly and become harder to find. Instead, consider posting a link with an image preview. People are more likely to click links with images than without.

Types of Content

You may also want to include “content type” to make sure you’re ticking all the boxes. Some content types you might include are:

  • Authority Content- Gives you…authority…Show off the stuff you’ve been working on for your company that makes you look like an expert in your field.

Authority content may look a bit like this:

(You’ll brand it with your colors and fonts)

  • Personal Content — Makes you likable and approachable …Show you’re a real person with feelings and experiences; you’re not all business.
  • Bridging Content — Gets you clients/customers …Link the above 2 together and show your audience how they can work with you once they are ready
  • Values Content- Share your values… if you happen to lose some followers because they don’t agree with your values don’t sweat it. These aren’t really people you want to be working with anyway. The people who agree with you will respect you more for sharing your values, it can be a tipping factor, in your favor, if they were between two options.

Once you have included all of the necessary columns on your contented strategy, it might look a little something like this:

Snippet from Power Creative’s Content Strategy

What to Do With Your Completed Content Strategy

Once you’ve completed your Content Strategy for the week or month, you still need to remember to post it! There are a few ways you can go about this.

Option 1: Schedule the posts yourself; if you’re a one person operation and don’t have much of a budget, this option may work best for you, however it is the most time consuming.

Many of the platforms have a schedule feature. You can go in at the beginning of the day or week and schedule your posts. You’ll have to do this for each location you’d like to post (i.e, facebook group, facebook page, facebook profile, instagram feed, instagram story, etc.)

Option 2: Use a third-party scheduling software; this involves slightly less time than option 1, but still requires you to remember to schedule the posts. Some softwares like, Later, have a free plan or a free trial, most softwares are paid. The free plans are often limited and only allow you to post to one platform. Paid options have more features and allow you to post on more platforms from one place

Option 3: Use a Done-For-You service; this option requires almost no time or effort on your part. Companies like Power Creative offer a service (AMP90) that will create 90 days worth of Authority Content for you, create a Content Strategy for the next 3 months and post to the platforms of your choosing. All you have to do is provide a couple of pieces of your existing content (podcast, interview series, training videos, etc.), approve the designs, add some captions/comments/call-to-actions to the provided calendar, then watch your posts appear each day, on schedule, like magic!

No matter which option you choose you will have consistent posts, which means more engagement, hopefully leading to more clients/customers!

Here’s a quick recap of everything you need to do so you never forget to post to social again:

  1. Create an arsenal of microcontent (a week worth at a minimum)
  2. Create a Content Strategy to stay organized
  3. Schedule your content to each platform

Stay on your existing followers radars and gain some more along the way!

If it all seems like a lot of time and work, that’s because it is, but it’s absolutely do-able! If you want to greatly reduce the amount of time you need to put into posting to your socials consider a done-for you service. Don’t hesitate to contact Beck at with any inquiries.



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