That time I dressed up as a potato for Halloween…

When I was five years old, my mom asked me what I wanted to be for Halloween.

When most people ask a kid this question, they expect an answer along the lines of a princess or an astronaut.

What did little Baby Beck want to be?

A freaking potato.

So my mom made me a potato costume, and I walked around our neighborhood looking less like a potato, and more like a giant turd.

But you know what? I LOVED every second of it.

Being Your Authentic Self

As we get older, caring what other people think becomes less about princesses vs. potatoes and more about our career, our clothes, our relationships, and our dreams.

It is easy, and completely normal, to care about what other people think about you. But who would you be if you didn’t care?

With social media, it can be hard to figure out how to show your authentic self. You might feel like you have to fit into a specific aesthetic or speak a certain way in order to get likes, follows, and leads.

Part of being your authentic self, your best self, is knowing what you want to say, what niche you are in, and not being afraid to speak.

Not Everyone Is Going To Like It!

Not everyone is going to like your potato costume (or whatever your adult equivalent is).

Guess what? You don’t want them to! If you are speaking to everybody, then you are really speaking to nobody.

For all the people who aren’t going to resonate with what you have to say, there will be people who feel like you are speaking right to them. That would never happen if you tried to appease everyone.

Being Your Best Self Online

Being your best self online doesn’t mean lying. It means taking a look at yourself, your words, and your content, and finding the best parts of your message and sharing that with others.

When my team and I at Power Creative Media work to repurpose our clients’ content, we aren’t putting words in their mouths. Every piece of content came from those clients.

The most important part of our job is packaging that message in a way that is going to reach the people that our clients really want to work with.

When you look at the content you are putting out into the world, I want you to feel the same way about yourself as I felt when I put on my potato costume. Like you can take on the world.

Do you want to learn more about being your best self online? Head over to to book a call with me and let’s make some killer content that shows the world who you really are.

I made a tool that generates 2000 social content ideas in just 10 minutes. Get it here!




Power Creative Media: Daily Social Content for Digital Entrepreneurs

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Beck Power

Beck Power

Power Creative Media: Daily Social Content for Digital Entrepreneurs

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