Why Everyone With A Podcast Should Be Repurposing It

Your podcast is your pride and joy. Whether it is about the history of lesbian pirates, the fictional adventures of a Martian cat, or a series of interviews with business coaches — you’ve put your heart and soul into this thing!

So why waste all of that hard work and potential on subpar social media marketing? You can turn a podcast episode into over 50 pieces of content for social media!

Your Podcast WITHOUT Repurposing
For many podcasters, you record a new episode and publish it on iTunes and YouTube. Then you post on social media saying that your newest episode is live, this guest was amazing, there was wonderful conversation — -here’s the link, nice talking to you.

This is fine. This gets some of your followers to click the link. They listen to your podcast, and maybe some of them even go back and listen to a past episode.

But after that? The content has done pretty much all it is going to do for your business.

How Do You Repurpose a Podcast?
The goal of repurposing your podcast is to create a pile of killer content that can be used across all of your social media platforms without spending all of your time coming up with new ideas.

You have an hour of amazing audio from your latest episode — why waste your creative energy when you can use that audio to create more content?

At Power Creative Media, we take an hour of audio or video content and create several different types of short-form content. There are audiograms, video clips, quote cards, and written posts. All of these are taken from the podcast that you already made!

What Are the Benefits of Repurposing?
Repurposing lets you get the most out of your podcast. Making a podcast is hard! Finding guests, recording, editing, marketing, maintaining a website — there is a lot that goes into making a quality podcast that people really want to listen to.

By repurposing the content you have already worked so hard on, you are making that content work for you. You are squeezing every piece of valuable content out of your podcast so that you can reach more people and use the highlights to really establish yourself as an expert.
Well, Who’s Got Time for That?
If you are reading about repurposing and thinking, “Well that’s great but I don’t have freaking time for all of that!” then you aren’t alone.

We have repurposed videos, podcasts, and books into thousands of pieces of content. Audiograms, video clips, quote cards, and written posts — these pieces of short-form content catch your audience’s eye and have a lasting impact.

If you are interested in learning more about having your podcast repurposed for your social media content, head over to powercreativemedia.com to learn more and schedule a call.

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