Why You Should Repurpose REALLY Old Content (Yeah, Even really OLD content)

If you have been in business for a while, odds are you have a collection of really old content hiding in some back corner of your hard drive. It’s easy to just ignore it. Let’s face it, most of your old stuff isn’t that pretty.

Maybe you found a collection of audio files from that podcast you started in 2017 and quit after one year. Maybe you found a draft of that ebook you said you were going to publish. Maybe you found an ebook you actually DID publish.

No matter what kind of old content you found, it’s time to channel your inner mad scientist and bring that content back to life.

Ready to learn more about how to revitalize and repurpose old content? Keep reading to learn my top tips.

Show Your Growth

One reason you may want to delete your old content is because you have grown past it. That video you made your first year in business? You aren’t that person anymore! You want to leave that business newbie in the dust and move forward as your current, awesome self.

But sharing that old content from when you were first starting out can go a long way with your audience. Showing your growth can build trust, establish you as a professional, and give a great example of the journey you can take your clients on!

Help Your Audience to Know and Trust You

Part of growing a strong social media following is to get your audience to know you and to trust you. It is normally our default setting on social media to try to show our lives as perfectly as we can. We airbrush over the mistakes and omit the bumps in the road.

But showing your growth (and the places you messed up) can go a long way towards helping your audience to know who you truly are and how you are growing as a person and a business owner.

Show the Journey

This is especially useful if you are a coach. Part of your job as a coach is to take your clients from one place to another. You help them on their journey towards the person they want to be.

What better way to earn a potential client’s trust than by showing that you’ve been on the same journey as them? You can show them that you don’t just talk the talk. You’ve walked the walk. You know where they’ve been because you’ve been there too!

Laugh a Little!

You know what? That ridiculous haircut you had in 2012 is ABSOLUTELY worth sharing. If you think that your feed has been a bit too serious lately, then why not add a little comic relief with some throwback videos?

People love to laugh, and including some humor in your online presence can help to make you more memorable, more likeable, and more approachable!

So find that clip from your first public speaking engagement. Share a picture of your early-twenties baby face when you were working out of a coffee shop for the free wifi. Share the audio of a podcast you were a guest on back when you couldn’t stop saying “like” in between every single sentence.

You’ve grown, and while that is awesome and helps to establish your credibility, it’s also funny as hell.

Find Your Wisdom

Were you goofy and inexperienced? Yes. Have you grown beyond that person and turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan? Mostly.

But your past self wasn’t all goof and wild ideas. The person you are now was built by the person you used to be! Odds are, past-you still has a few wise things to share with the world.

Once you have pulled out examples of your journey, and funny shots of that time you did an entire interview with lettuce in your teeth, it is time for the final step.

Go through your old content and find the strength and wisdom that your past self had to offer the world.

How Can You Repurpose Old Content?

Pulling out the journey, the humor, and the wisdom from your old content is great, but now you have to figure out what to do with all of it! The possibilities are endless, but here are some of the types of content my team at Power Creative Media makes every single day.

You can take old videos and cut them into clips. Make these clips look even more professional by adding a headline and your logo through a program like Canva.

Another option to repurpose old content is to turn old podcasts into audiograms. These should be under a minute so that you can share them on Instagram easily.

Finally, you can use that old wisdom of yours and create eye-catching quote cards or just use them as captions for your posts.

No matter what you do, content repurposing is a great way to find new inspiration from old content, and to save yourself some time in the process.

If you are ready to start repurposing old content, head over to powercreativemedia.com to book a call with me today!



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